Coby Obi


Coby Obi is a young mystic and polymath with many gifts.  Growing up Coby fell in love with music he heard through his family, consisting of traditional African tunes, Fela Kuti, Sunny Ade, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson. Listening to various artists helped ignite his creativity at the tender age of seven. At the age of twelve he discovered his unique writing abilities and began writing songs and poems. Coby began publicly expressing his passions as a spoken word poet and artist, while attending San Francisco State University.   

After many years of slowly building a following in the underground scene, creating material that captured the ears and hearts of thousands across the world, Coby suddenly started to feel indifferent towards the politics of the music market and the entire process of making and releasing music, leaving him feeling uninspired to create anything. It was during this time Coby dove deeper into his burning desire to find sacred truths and attain enlightenment. He then embarked on a long spiritual journey, cultivating self, and awakening new parts of his being he never knew existed.

Not only is Coby a Artist, he is also a Spiritual Guide, Natural Health Educator, and Healer. He is a unique teacher in the ancient sacred sciences, with a focus on activating the Kundalini and awakening the third eye, our greatest force to awaken superconsciousness and see beyond this three-dimensional plane of existence.

Coby holds yoga certifications and a degree, in the Vedic Science of Enlightenment, from Nithyananda University. He studied the most authentic forms of yoga on the earth under the guidance of enlightened guru, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda. Swami Nithyananda also initiated him to manifest various Shaktis (spiritual powers), becoming a conduit for the highest form of cosmic energy, which puts him in a state of oneness and power-fullness. He is a Surya Yoga teacher. Coby’s form of Surya Yoga focuses on the art of sungazing, which he is an advanced adept and master of.

Coby has used his music and poetry as a tool for healing himself and many others, for over a decade.  As he transformed and evolved during his spiritual journey so did his music productions, for it became a reflection of the mental cognition and space he carried along the way.  Today he uses the sacred knowledge and science of the ancients to empower his sound of music.    





Coby Obi is available for speaking engagements, lectures, workshops and live performances all over the world. Please direct all inquiries to below.

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